SOON – You can choose what you Pay for Your Vape Gear

Yep.. Soon…
It would be sooner, but Vape Shops are making a good living and even opening up more bricks and mortar shops that there is no real need to compete for customers… Well, not yet….

So when the first big trader opens up shop on VapeSucks Superstore, then the Customer may start to get better deals.

We only charge 2.5%, which is less than many affiliates get, so its not all about the cash for us… (we are too old to worry about our future)

To be honest, we are tired of Vape Shopping online, because to get the cheapest prices, we have to buy Juice at one shop, mod at another and tank in another shop….

So making VapeSucks that is just a Vape Only, shopping mall, will make it easy for us to buy more Vape Gear….

Yep… It will SOOON be all available at

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